If your ducts are dirty in the house means the air quality is very low. In some cases, the amount of indoor air pollution could exceed that of the outdoor. Hence many people spend major time inside the home, it means you can face wide range of health problems, all just because of the dirty vents. Our Bio-Clean experts explain how dirty air duct can cause serious health issues and what you can do about the situation.


The dust and debris in the air ducts get blown into your living spaces with each cycle of the air conditioner or heater and we inhale the filthy air. The particles in the air you inhale it passes through you nasal. These particles can trigger sinus, causing inflammation, which can lead to infection. Sinus infection are very painful and can have conditions that can have complications if left untreated.


Dust, mold spores and pollens are the most common particles that dirty air duct harbor. In people allergic to these substances, dirty duct could set off or lengthen allergy attacks. If you feel that your allergy symptoms are getting critical at the home and then subside when spending time elsewhere, the ducts are likely to be a major factor contributing to your symptoms.


People with asthma, an attack can be triggered by exposure to dust, pollen, mold and other unwanted particles commonly seen in dirty ductwork. If asthma symptoms are getting worse at home, dirty duct could be the reason.

Respiratory infections

Along with allergens, viruses, fungi and bacteria can stay in the dirty air ducts. Each time the air passes through the system, some of these germs are blow out and into your living spaces. As a result, you might suffer from respiratory infections.

Why Air duct cleaning is important?

Time to time professional duct cleaning every three years or more frequently can prevent or reduce many health problems. These are also additional benefits to keeping your ducts clean, including:

  • A cleaner heating and cooling system, which could reduce maintenance and repair needs.
  • Longer heating and cooling system lifespan.
  • Better energy efficiency of the cooling and heating system.
  • Less dust throughout the house.
  • Lower monthly utility costs.

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