How Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Work?

Jul 12, 2021 | Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are the most worn-out part of any building, whether it be residential or commercial. As a floor covering, they are subjected to continuous wear and tear, heavy foot traffic, and stains and spills. Hence, after a while, they look dirty and need a deep cleaning to make them look good.

Now, for deep cleaning any carpet needs excellent knowledge on the carpet type, removal of different types of stains, the correct cleaning products, and methods. Most of us don’t possess this knowledge and use the incorrect method to clean carpets. Therefore, you need to hire a professional carpet cleaning company.

But, how does professional carpet cleaning work? To know this, keep on reading.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Process That Experts Employ

Step 1: Inspection of The Carpet

By hiring a professional carpet cleaning, you can ensure the complete removal of dirt and debris from it. To do so, professional cleaners have to first inspect the carpet, to determine the carpet fiber type, damage to it, and the best method for professional carpet cleaning.

Step 2: Pre-Vacuuming

In the pre-vacuuming stage, professional carpet cleaners vacuum the carpet in both the forward and backward directions. They also lift the carpet pile and check and vacuum the places which are highly affected by foot traffic. This step allows in-depth removal of loose dust and dirt from the carpet.

Step 3: Chemical Cleaning

Carpet cleaners add mild chemicals to the carpet to lift the dirt stuck deep inside the carpet. Next, they agitate the carpet which allows the chemical to go deeper inside the carpet. The carpet is left to rest for 10 minutes for the chemicals to do work well. All the contaminants are then absorbed using hot or wet vacuuming.

Carpet Grooming

Step 4: Carpet Grooming

This step is important for the well-being of the carpet. Professional carpet cleaning specialists use carpet rakes for the process. It helps to fluff up the carpet fiber and hence improves its appearance. It also helps to distribute carpet protectants or deodorizers evenly across the carpet.

Step 5: Drying of The Carpet

To re-use the carpet, it needs to dry completely, first. Excess water in it can cause a rise in mold growth, attract dirt and dust, browning of it, etc. Therefore, it is necessary for the carpet to dry. Hence, professionals don’t overwet the carpet and use commercial-sized fans to decrease the drying time.

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