6 Steps For Mattress Cleaning at Home

Feb 4, 2022 | Mattress Cleaning

Do you know that you spend about ⅓ of your life on your mattress, so it’s certainly something you should consider cleaning every once in a while!
Our mattresses attract lots of germs and grossness, from dead skin cells and dust mites to stains and body sweat. Due to all these, your mattress can harbor all sorts of lethal bacteria. Knowing how mattress cleaning is properly done is very important if you want to go for DIY.

So, Here Are The Top 6 Steps To Clean The Mattress At Home:

Step 1: Make Your Mattress

Before you start with mattress cleaning, it is vital to make your mattress. Start with stripping the bed and washing all pillowcases, bedsheets, and throw blankets. Cleaning your bed linen is something that should be done once a week at a high temperature to kill all the germs you bring at home after a day out.

While the washing machine is doing its things, you can give attention to your mattress and clean it properly.

STEP 2: Vacuum Your Mattress Thoroughly.

Start with vacuuming your mattress. Hoovering helps to get rid of those lingering crumbs and dust mites along with that pet hair, which has accumulated over time. Most vacuum cleaners have attachments that are perfect for the mattress cleaner.

When you are hovering over your mattress, always remember to start at the top and move down words. For a heavy thorough hoover, I would recommend hoovering your mattress horizontally and then going vertically to ensure that the entire mattress is being cleaned properly. For now, don’t worry about the other side of the mattress, simply focus on one side and the mattress edges.

Step 3: Cleaning Mattress Stains

How you clean the stain on your mattress, and which cleaning product you use, will depend on the type of stain you are going to deal with. Stains that have sat on the mattress for a long time will increase the difficulty level for you while cleaning, as they have been bonded with the mattress fabric.

Luckily, we have advice for all types of stains, so you can keep your mattress stain-free and look as good as always.

Step 4: Use Enzyme Cleaner For Tougher Stains

For biological stains, enzyme cleaner is ideal. Simply spray enzyme cleaner onto a clean cloth and then blot the mattress stains, allowing your mattress to saturate your mattress. Once the solution is applied to the stains, leave it for 15 minutes, let it settle down, and say Abracadabra. Then grab a cloth, and blot the area to lift the stain.

Step 5: Deodorize Mattress using Baking Soda

Baking soda is the ideal product to deodorize your mattress and it is found in most kitchen cupboards, making it handy! Although we do not tend to notice our bodily smells or those of our pets; after a long time, these odors can build up and lead to a disgusting aroma.

To get rid of these bad smells, sprinkle your mattress generously with baking soda and gently rub it with a scrubbing brush to help it penetrate the mattress fabric. Leave the baking soda to sit on your mattress for at least a couple of hours. The baking soda will not only absorb the odors but will also absorb the excess liquid from the removal process.

Once it has been left to work for a few hours, hover the excess baking soda off and discover a mattress that smells fresh and clean!

Step 6: Flip It And Repeat

Once you have done the above steps, it is time for the opposite side of your mattress to be clean. Your mattress will thank you for it and you will certainly sleep soundly knowing you’re no longer sleeping in your filth.

Step 7: Air It Out

Once done with a thorough cleaning of both sides of your mattress, our Bio-Clean experts recommend airing your mattress out. If possible, somewhere the mattress can get fresh air and UV sunlight. However, if you live in the city moving your mattress outside is impossible. Simply open the windows and allow the sunlight to come in and the air out of your room.

Hiring Professionals For Mattress Cleaning In Pottstown

Professional mattress cleaning is very important for your home. If you are looking for Mattress cleaning in Pottstown or nearby areas. You are at the right place. Yes! Bio-Clean Carpet Cleaning can help you out with your mattress problems.

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