Pet Odor Cleaning is an Important Factor

Jul 30, 2018 | Pet Odor Cleaning

We all know that pets are adorable and how we love our pet! We often treat them like family members.

If you are a pet owner, you are probably aware of how pet stains and odor happen. Just when you are not looking, your house pet has an “accident” and your lovely carpet and furniture has been “decorated” with stains.

Your pets bring joy into your home on daily basis. Unfortunately, they also bring unpleasant odors, which is unbearable.

If you want to make your house smell fresh and energetic and if you are looking for a successful way to remove pet odors, have a look at these quick tips to help your home be less stinky and make you understand why pet odor cleaning is an important factor.

Deodorize Your Carpet

Pet spend a lot of time on your carpets and rugs, which allows pet dander and odor to work deep on your carpet’s fabric.

Replacing your carpet with hardwood or laminate floor is not the only solution. Besides that, it would be over your budget. There is a way to refresh your carpet between routine cleaning.

You just need to simply sprinkle baking soda onto your carpets and rugs, and leave it as it is, for half an hour before you plan on vacuuming.

The baking soda will neutralize the acidic odors compounds. This will help well to remove pet odors.

Keep Your Pet Away From The Furniture:

Before inviting your cat or dog up to your furniture, you need to think again that how much your furniture fabric can trap the odors.

If you really have decided to let them up on your furniture, leather is a much better option than other fabrics for repelling odor. Furthermore, metal is easier to clean and maintain than traditional wool.

Wipe Furniture with Dryer Sheets

If keeping your pets off the furniture is not an option, or you do not like the looks of couch covers, a neat trick to keep these areas smelling fresh is to use a dryer sheet on them.

Pet odor removal is hard work to do and probably you cannot get the desired output on your own. Hence hiring a professional pet odor cleaning company is a better option.

Bio-Clean Carpet Cleaning deals with deep pet odor cleaning in Pottstown and nearby locations. Our professionals are specially trained with high-quality products and equipment. We use effective procedures without damaging the carpets. If your pet is also a couch potato then call us to help you.

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