5 Carpet Cleaning Myths You Might Still Believe

Jan 10, 2022 | Carpet Cleaning

People usually clean carpets either themselves or through professional carpet cleaning services. As carpets get a lot of dust and stains, it is absolutely important to clean them. While getting carpets cleaned by professionals might bring a few questions to your mind. But, there is a certain scope for myths as well. 

Sometimes, people are not willing to get their carpets cleaned due to carpet cleaning myths or tragedies they hear from someone else. While there might be specific reasons behind any tragedies, myths do not hold any background whatsoever. So, there are a few carpet cleaning myths you should not believe. 

It could be much more challenging than you think to find a reliable carpet cleaning business. It is necessary to have a basic understanding of how carpets become soiled and how to restore them to get the ideal selection.

We’ll clear up a few common professional carpet cleaning myths in this post, so you can pick the top commercial carpet cleaning business for your requirements.

5 Carpet Cleaning Myths Debunked

1) All carpet cleaning methods are the same.

There are various carpet cleaning procedures available, however, their results vary. Because the carpeting is not rinsed after cleanup, dry cleaning agents, for example, may end up leaving a residue.

Hot water extraction is, in our opinion, the far more efficient way to clean your carpets. A hot water cleaning solvent is blasted into your carpeting under constant pressure and then vacuumed back out with this procedure. The use of hot water aids in the removal of dust, germs, and pollutants from the carpet.

To obtain the maximum outcomes, professional cleaning firms employ truck-mounted extraction equipment.

2) Before I have my carpet cleaned, it is good to wait as long as possible.

No, this is not something we would encourage. A soiled carpet, on the other hand, will wear out even more rapidly than a pristine carpet. Dirt is gritty, causing harm to your carpeting each time it is pounded into the layers as you pass through it.

Vacuuming on a constant schedule helps to eliminate dirt, but it is insufficient to avoid harm. The longer you delay carpet cleanings, the further your carpeting will deteriorate sooner and have a limited lifetime.

3) To remove visible dirt is the only good reason to have my carpet cleaned.

This is one of the popular myths about carpet cleaning which isn’t correct. Several dangerous things lodge in the carpeting that you cannot see, along with the dust which you can see. Particulate pollution, vehicle exhaust, tobacco smoke, allergens, mold spores, and a variety of germs and pollutants are all brought into your house via your clothing, skin, hair, and footwear from the outside. Furthermore, they all leave a stain on your carpeting.

Professional carpet cleaning is the finest approach to eliminate both apparent and unseen dust if you have allergy symptoms or just want to maintain your house tidy.

4) Steam cleaning will cause mold or mildew to grow in my carpet.

Again, it might be valid if your carpeting is badly handled, but a good cleaning will not result in mold or mildew. Many people have informed us that various businesses had left their carpeting soaking over many days. 

This isn’t typical, and we’ll certainly not leave your carpeting soaked. If your carpet has been damp over numerous days, bacteria may seek to develop in that setting. Mold and mildew will not grow on professionally cleaned carpets.

5) There is no point in not choosing the cheapest carpet cleaning company.

Of course, getting a good deal on expert carpet cleaning is crucial, but it isn’t the only consideration. Indeed, the lowest bids may conceal a few uncomfortable facts that you might discover only after it is too late.

Consider the reviews and ratings of a company before hiring. Also, you could use some background research on the preferred carpet cleaning method. This is a myth about carpet cleaning services which can be debunked by a little homework. 

Are you in need of a professional carpet cleaning service? 

Carpet cleaning is something that Bio-Clean Carpet Cleaning can assist you with. You can count on competent service and outstanding carpet cleaning results each time you call us.

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