Clean Not Just For Appearance,
But For Health.

Utilizing biocides to eradicate harmful biopollutants. Where others just clean, we restore.

The BIO-Clean Difference

Located in the heart of Pottstown, PA, BIO-Clean Carpet Cleaning goes beyond the typical cleaning process. While many focus on the surface, we delve deep into the fibers, using biocides to combat pollutants that can harm you and your loved ones. We’re not just any carpet cleaning company; we set the gold standard.

Our Comprehensive Services

carpet cleaning pottstown


Revive your carpets, removing unseen pollutants.

carpet cleaning pottstown


Restore your furniture’s health and beauty.

carpet cleaning pottstown

Area Rugs

Elevate the hygiene of your treasured rugs.

carpet cleaning pottstown


Deep clean between tiles for a pristine finish.

carpet cleaning pottstown

Vinyl Flooring

Make your vinyl floors shine and germ-free.

What Our Clients Say!

Exclusive Bio-Clean Carpet Cleaning
Spring Carpet Cleaning Offer!

Are you sick and tired of dirty carpets? Or is dirty carpets making you to tired and sick? 🌟

Don’t fret! As your local truck-mounted carpet cleaner in this group, I’m here to rescue your carpets from embarrassment!

DIY methods and store-bought cleaners are fine for accidents, but for a deep, thorough clean, nothing beats a professional using a powerful truck-mounted carpet cleaning machine. We flush out all the bacteria, germs, pet urine, and more, leaving your carpets fresh and clean.

2 Rooms & Hall
Carpet Cleaning


3 Rooms & Hall
Carpet Cleaning


4 Rooms & Hall
Carpet Cleaning


5 Rooms & Hall
Carpet Cleaning


Add Staircases

$39.99 per flight

Add Stainguard


Got pets?

Add Pet enzyme Sanitizing, Deodorizer, Treatment for


Only $24.99 When you have 4 or more rooms cleaned.
MAXIMUM 225 sq.ft. per room/area minimum charges may apply.

Additional Charges:
$15 service charge
$25 travel charge

Services may not be available in all markets.


When you clean your Area rug and/or Upholstery, add Pet StainGuard, Upholstery, and Your favorite Area Rug, Enhancing the beauty and longevity.

Proudly Serving Pottstown and Beyond

With a 20-mile radius service coverage, our team is dedicated to bringing health-centric cleaning to your doorstep.

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