FAQ On Commercial Cleaning Services

Mar 1, 2022 | Commercial Cleaning

You’ve probably got some inquiries about the commercial cleaning services we offer. You would like to be certain that the cleaning staff you entrust with your building’s maintenance is up to the challenge. We at Bio-Clean Carpet Cleaning strive to be open and honest with our customers.

If you do have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We were asked a few questions so frequently that we chose to incorporate them all here to make it easier for you to locate the responses.

Top FAQs On Commercial Cleaning Services 

ℚ: Do I need to pay for a quote?

No, there are no fees for quotes. Please contact us to book a consultation if you are keen on office cleaning services for your property. A free inspection will be performed at your building by one of our housekeeping professionals. As a portion of your quote, we’ll create a maintenance plan and inspection checklist tailored to your individual requirements. Following 24 hours after the evaluation, you should receive a response from us with the quote.

ℚ: Do you have liability insurance?

Yes, we carry policies for Public Liability, Worker’s Healthcare, and Auto. Bio-Clean Carpet Cleaning carries a policy to cover any loss to your assets or employee accidents that might also occur when our team cleans your place of commerce.

ℚ: How do I trust commercial cleaning services near me?

Before entering your property, all of our staff are verified with County Police character investigations, individual background checks, dressed with identity documents, certified, and insured. A housekeeping list is completed by our cleaners when they depart your firm. This list contains a list of all we handled. If our housekeeper is incapable to clean it all in a single visit, the places they ed on the list and prioritized during the next appointment. Professional commercial cleaning services make sure that their staff is well equipped with all documents and licenses.

ℚ: Should I stay back during the cleaning process?

Clients are not obligated to wait while we complete our tasks. We realize that folks are also occupied and possess their respective responsibilities to complete. Bio-Clean Carpet Cleaning cleans following business hours when the workplace is completely vacant. This should guarantee that any activity that is getting undertaken in the workplace throughout the daylight hours is not disrupted. Clients may also request cleaning throughout business hours, which we are happy to accommodate. Commercial cleaning company usually finish their cleaning within hours, which does not disturb anything at the workplace.

ℚ: What kind of cleaning supplies and equipment do you use?

We utilize a range of cleaning chemicals that are both mild and effective. On-demand, a Technical Information Datasheet also is accessible. Office cleaning companies utilize industry-grade equipment which is robust. It can accommodate heavy cleaning needs easily. All of the cleaning machinery we utilize is constantly updated and in good working order.

We hope that most of your questions have been answered here. If it is not the case, you can contact us at any time. We will be happy to assist you with any queries that you have.

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