A Guide To Professional Rug Cleaning Cost

Sep 8, 2021 | Rug Cleaning

Rugs brighten up a room, give warmth, and comfort to those who walk over it. However, with constant use, they tend to harbor dirt and germs with time. For this reason, experts recommend cleaning your rugs at least once a year. Even though vacuuming looks like an easy way out, they fail to achieve the deep cleaning standard of a professional cleaning service.

In this blog, we have jotted down the professional rug cleaning cost for you to make an informed decision.

Rug Cleaning Price List 2021

If you are looking for rug cleaning near me, you might have been overwhelmed by the options available to you.

However, we have bifurcated the cost according to the different essential factors for you to conduct a thorough cleaning of your rug.

The professional rug cleaning cost is as follows

  • National Average cost: $470
  • Average Range: $300 to $640
  • Minimum Cost: $160
  • Maximum Cost: $750

1) Rug Cleaning By Length

Size Measured In Feet Cost
3×3 (9 sq.ft.) $9 – $72
5×8 (40 sq.ft.) $40 – $320
8×12 (96 sq.ft.) $96 – $768
10×12 (120 sq.ft.) $120 – $960
10×14 (140 sq.ft.) $140 – $1,120
12×12 (144 sq.ft.) $144 – $1,152
15×20 (300 sq.ft.) $300 – $2,400

2) Rug Cleaning By Material

Rug Material  Cost/sq ft
Polypropylene, Viscose $2 – $4
Sisal, Seagrass, Jute, Cotton $4 – $7
Silk, Wool $5 – $8

3) Rug Cleaning By The Cleaning Method

Method Cost/sq ft
Steam Cleaning $1 – $4
Dry Cleaning $2 – $5
Shampooing/Handwashing, Washing Machine $3 – $8

4) Rug Cleaning By Treatment

Treatment  Cost
Stain Protection Sealing, Moth Prevention, Wool Treatment $1 – $2/sq.ft.
Antimicrobial Disinfectant $2 – $3/sq.ft.
Stain Removal $10 – $50/stain
Odor Removal $15 – $50/rug

Why Is Rug Cleaning So Expensive?

Not knowing what your rug is made of can result in you unintentionally spending more money than necessary. When you understand the requirements of your rug, cleaning it becomes easier and lighter on your wallet. Thus to hire a professional rug cleaning service you need to be aware of the professional rug cleaning cost.

To avoid such confusion, give Bio-Clean Carpet Cleaning of Pottstown PA a call. Our professionals are highly trained individuals who will clean your rugs with quality cleaning tools at an affordable price.

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