Worried about grease stain on your upholstery? Finding the stain on the furniture upholstery can make you disheartened. Here in this blog, we will discuss some home remedies for upholstery cleaning. Which can help you to remove the stains from your upholstery.

Whether the stain in on your sofa or on your dining room chair, ensure that it doesn’t remain for a long time. You should take proper care while performing upholstery cleaning. So, the stains stain does not spread further. Using the following natural household ingredients you can easily remove the stains:-

White Vinegar

One of the best home remedies to remove the stain from your upholstery is the mixture of one cup of white vinegar and a cool cup of water fill into a spray bottle. Have a habit to remove any extra soil or fluid before removing any spot using the white kitchen towel. Do not wipe the wet stain, instead use kitchen paper to dab on the extra fluid to avoid the stain from spreading. After applying the solution on the stained surface, dry the surface with the using the hair dryer to prevent watermark from forming.

Soda Water

Sofa water which is also known as carbonated water is also used to eliminate stain on the fabric because it is PH-neutral and odorless. You can say as compared to water soda water is much more effective to handle hard stains like wine or blood. Use the small amount of carbonated water on the stain to absorb. Thereafter, dry the wet area completely using the white cloth. Overall, it is considered the best home remedy for upholstery cleaning.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is considered the common household ingredient used to remove the grease stain from our furniture upholstery. Make a paste of baking soda taking ¼ cup of baking soda and a ⅛ cup of water into the bowl and stir it well together. It is the best homemade stain removal solution for eliminating the stain of coffee or wine. Dry the spillage with the wet cloth, apply the paste on the stained area and leave it to settle for few hours. Thereafter, dry it with a vacuum.

The Conclusion

Now you don’t have to worry before inviting the guest to your house because of a stain on your upholstery! With all these home remedies you can easily remove the stain from your furniture upholstery. Still, looking for deep upholstery cleaning? Bio-Clean is the ultimate choice to fulfill all your upholstery cleaning needs. Engage with their team of expert cleaners to get satisfactory cleaning results.

Call us today to make your upcoming cleaning bookings or for any queries you have at 484-253-6400. You can also fill up our online inquiry form, our support staff is ready to help with all your cleaning needs.

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