Pet Odor Cleaning

Making you Spot Less


Although if the pets are well trained, accidents happen.  Pet may urinate on your carpet and can cause a bad odor all around the house. If the pet urine dries, it can start forming bacteria and could contaminate the whole area. The foul odor could spread in the small room or large area and can not be seen easily. Therefore, it is quite essential to act quickly. A professional odor removal service can help you get rid of these pet odors.

Pet Odor Contamination

Pinpoint Accuracy

Most vendors only mask odors using the shotgun approach. They’ll saturate your entire carpet with chemicals, and perfume in hopes of covering the odor. We locate every spot 0t Odor causing bacteria so we can efficiently remove the odor at its source.


We Remove Contamination From All Surfaces

Odor-causing bacteria grow below the carpet’s surface. Our technicians will disengage the carpeting to attack the odor at its source. By replacing contaminated pad and tack strip and deodorizing the carpet backing and surrounding floor, we can guarantee odors will not return.



Along with our detection methods we use only the safest and most efficient disinfectants and odor destroyers. Our technicians constantly test new processes and chemicals to take advantage of the latest technology. We are committed to providing you the best in odor removal services!



STEP ONE • Locate the Contaminated Areas

Pet urine causes odors when it dries and leaves bacteria-contaminated salt deposits in the carpet. Deposits range from very small to as large as an entire room and are not easily seen by the naked eye. To treat the odor effectively all deposits must be located. We use special equipment to locate all of the deposits-even those as small as a single dime.

STEP TWO • Establish Severity of contamination

After locating all deposits. we inspect each one to determine the severity of contamination. This step includes disengaging carpeting to inspect backing, pad, tack strip. and floor for urine salts and bacteria growth.


STEP THREE • The Treatment Process

Our technicians clean, disinfect, and treat all contaminated areas with a contact odor destroyer. If there is a need we replace the carpet pad and tack strip for the larger contaminated area. Moreover, the back of the carpet and surrounding floor are cleaned and treated with an odor destroyer. As a final step, the entire carpet is sanitized with a specially formulated disinfectant.
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