Know The Professional Pet Odor Removal Cost

Feb 6, 2023 | Pet Odor Cleaning

Having pets is a blessing as they are the best companions and enhance the quality of life. But the musty odor in your home caused by pet urine may be the only downside of being a pet owner. Because to remove the unpleasant smell from your home, you require professional help, and that comes with a cost.

The cost of professional odor removal can range from $200-650 but depending on the severity of the odor the price can go as low as $100 for the mild odor to more than $1000 for extreme severity. The prices also depend on many other factors, which we will discuss in this article.

The Professional Pet Odor Removal Cost Breakdown

Severity Of The Problem

The most crucial factor that decides the cost of carpet cleaning is the severity of the problem. While mild urine spots can take only a couple of hours to clean and deodorize, in extreme cases where your pet’s pee penetrates deep inside the carpets or flooring, the cleanup requires more time and also costs more. Here is an estimated cost for odor removal based on the problem’s severity.

Service Odor Severity Cost
Carpet cleaning Mild pet odor $125-200/room
Carpet cleaning & upholstery cleaning Moderate pet odor $175-250
Total odor remediation for the entire house Severe pet odor $500-1000

Size Of The Area

The price of professional pet odor removal also depends on the size of the area. For instance, if your pet frequently visits one or two rooms in your home, you will only need to spot-clean those rooms, and the cost will be less.

 But when your entire house reeks of pet urine, you will have to remove the pet odor from all the rooms in your home, which includes removing the flooring to get to the deeper stains & which substantially increases the expense for odor removal. Below is the average cost for pet odor removal by area size.

Area Size Average Cost
Spot treatment $80-125
One room $150-250
Two-three rooms $300-600
Entire house $800-1300

Odor Removal Methods

Along with the cost of the visit, professionals charges may also include the cost of the methods they use for odor removal. The different methods for odor removal include the following.

↳ Enzyme cleaner:

The average cost of this method is $25-40 per room. The enzyme cleaner method is used in the treatment of pet odors that involve pet urine and feces stains, as it breaks down the organic matter and removes the musty odor from the source.

Ozone Shock Treatment:

The average cost for ozone shock treatment is $50-65 per room. In this method, professionals use an ozone generator in a sealed room to kill the bacteria responsible for the musty odor. This treatment makes the room smell fresher for a long time.

Steam Cleaning:

In the steam cleaning method, professionals inject hot water & cleaning agents deep inside carpet fibers or upholstery fabrics. It loosens the solid particles responsible for the unpleasant smell then the professionals remove these particles using a high-powered machine which eliminates the foul odor. You can expect to pay between $125-200 per room for this method.

Subfloor urine extraction:

The subfloor extraction method can cost anywhere from $75-200 per room. Professional pet odor cleaning services use this method when pet urine is in a relatively small area. Professionals treat the area with an enzymatic cleaner and then suck it out with a tool that extracts all the moisture & urine from carpet, padding, or subfloors.

Chemical dry cleaning methods: 

The cost of dry cleaning methods can be between $120-160 per room. In the dry cleaning method, a rotating brush cleans urine stains that are the source of the smell with the help of dry chemical compounds.

How To Prevent Pet Odor? 

Hiring professionals to eliminate foul odor from your home is a good decision, but it is better to prevent the musty smell rather than treat it later. Here are some tips for pet odor removal you can use to keep the foul pet odor at bay.

  • You should regularly vacuum the areas of the home that your pet frequents.
  • Regularly bathe and groom your pets to prevent the build-up of smell.
  • Clean all your pet’s belongings, including toys and bedding.
  • Clean your pet’s mess immediately before it can seep too far into the floor.
  • Get your carpets professionally cleaned along with professional odor removal at least two-three times a year to ensure your carpet keeps smelling fresh.

Bottom Line

Before hiring professionals to remove pet odor from your home, you should know the professional pet odor removal cost. The factors affecting the pet odor removal cost we have listed here will help you get an idea of the average pet odor removal cost for your needs.

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