Your dogs or cats give your home additional warmth and make your life more beautiful, lovely, and meaningful. With having them at your place, you never feel lonely, unlovable, and depressed. All these perks make them the perfect roommates.

However, there is one thing that annoys every pet owner: pet urine stain and smell. Even after trying out all the home remedies from the internet, the smell of feline pee doesn’t go away. In that case, your only option to get rid of them is by hiring professionals.

But hiring professionals comes with a cost. So, let us find out how much does the professional pet odor removal cost.

The Professional Pet Odor Removal Cost Breakdown

Most professional pet urine removal services ask for $500-$3,000 to clean the entire house. This includes deep cleaning of carpet, tile or hardwood flooring, rugs, mattresses, upholstery, etc. Moreover, the cost charged by pet odor removal services also depends on various factors. Read below to know them.

♦ Size of The House

One of the biggest aspects of the professional pet odor removal cost is the size of the house. The reason behind this is that the bigger the size of the house, the more effort, time, and resources are needed to clean the area. This of course, also increases the cost of the service.

♦ The Extent of Pet Urine Damage

This is a simple factor that everyone can relate to. Since pet urine gets deeply and quickly embedded in carpets and other household items, you need to remove them immediately to lessen the damage. If not, the extent of pet urine damage increases, and professional odor removal companies have to work extra hard to get rid of it.

♦ Additional Work

There are some additional services that a homeowner can request. For instance, they ask for deodorizing and carpet, upholstery, mattress protectant services. These services are part of the pet odor removal package and therefore homeowners have to pay extra for them.

The Best Pet Odor Removal Service in Pottstown!

If you find yourself in jeopardy of pet odor in your home, call Bio-Clean Carpet Cleaning in your hometown of Pottstown. We provide effective, efficient, and safe pet odor removal service for all customers so that they have to face any health issues or embarrassment due to it.

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