Top Carpet Cleaning FAQs That Our Customers Ask

Dec 16, 2021 | Carpet Cleaning

Q-1 Do carpet cleaners remove pet stains and odor from the carpet?

Yes. Carpet cleaners do remove pet stains and odor. Professional carpet cleaning methods utilize powerful cleaning agents and equipment to ensure maximum results.

We at Bio-Clean Carpet Cleaning provide all types of cleaning services. The carpet cleaning agents usually deal with basic stains and odor. However, for more tough stains and odors, you need to notify us on prior basis.

This will enable us to carry special stain removers and sanitizing deodorizers. Moreover, our technicians assess the type and nature of stains and odor during inspection visits. This lets us decide the best cleaning agents and method to use during the cleaning visit.

Q-2 Which method of carpet cleaning do you use?

At Bio-Clean Carpet cleaning, we are adept at all the professional cleaning methods. The method used for cleaning any carpet is different for different conditions. The material of the carpet, level of dirtiness, type of flooring, and nature of stains decide the method used.

However, we use the hot-water extraction method. This is also called steam cleaning. It works by washing the carpet with hot water at a certain pressure. This makes the dirt, soil, and grime suspended in the water. Which is then extracted by powerful equipment.

This method gives your carpet deep and thorough cleaning. Further, we use professional spotting agents to remove any persistent stains. Thereafter, the carpet is set for high-speed air drying.

Q-3 Will carpet cleaning take care of all the stains?

Yes. A routine professional carpet cleaning usually takes care of the stains. Carpet cleaners use special spotting agents and stain removing agents. These are designed for removing any stains that are long sitting on the carpet.

Some stains that have been there for a long time are tough to remove. They seep down below the file and into the padding of the carpet. Some stains even reach the subfloor. Such stains require the cleaning of back padding or padding replacement in worse cases.

However, any stains that are really tough or created due to pet urine need special attention. It is best to inform our technician at the time of visiting your house for inspection about the same. This will help us to be aware of carrying the right cleaning agents required to treat such stains.

Q-4 Does the padding and subfloor get wet while carpet cleaning?

No. Professional carpet cleaning experts use the hot-water extraction method. That might sound like soaking your carpets entirely. But, in this method, hot water along with detergents is injected into the carpet’s fibers.

A powerful vacuum is used to extract this water which carries dust and deep-rooted grime. Modern and hi-tech equipment regulates the amount of water that goes into the carpets. It will not soak your backing and padding.

Q-5 Why do the stains reappear after my carpet has been cleaned?

This happens as a result of ‘wicking’. Sometimes, this happens when the stains are just treated on the pile. Stains that cover a large area and have seeped way deep inside the carpet reappear after cleaning.

This happens because when the carpet dries, the moisture settles inside the carpet and the pile. This makes the stain reappear sometimes. These stains can usually be removed.

In case of any stains reappearing after our team has finished cleaning, give us a call. Do not worry about the charges because we guarantee customer satisfaction. The re-cleaning is totally free of cost in such cases.

If you still have got any more questions left unanswered, please do contact us. You can even drop us an email and we get back to you typically on the same day.

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