Dirty Air Duct Can Affect Your Health

Aug 10, 2018 | Air Duct Cleaning

There are many people who avoid air duct cleaning. They need to consider the consequences of a dirty environment including respiration, allergies and many more health problems. Due to enhancement in the technology, people are starting to understand the lethal effects of polluted air.

Many people try to make the indoor air quality good so it is safer to inhale through regular air duct cleaning. Regular duct cleaning can help you to get rid of pollutants like dust in your heating and cooling system.

There are multiple factors that are signs for your air ducts that need a thorough cleaning, including:

  • Mold growth inside air ducts
  • Infestations of unwanted pets and insects inside the air ducts
  • Clogging of air duct through the dust and other debris

Here are 5 ways that dirty air duct can affect your health:

Filthy air can reduce the quality of the indoor environment

Time to time air duct cleaning has been proven to stop serious health issues from occurring. The cleaning of air ducts improves the health of inhabitants of the house. Medical research studies have shown that patients suffering from respiration conditions have improved when the air duct was cleaned frequently.

Dirty air ducts are the common cause of allergies

Air ducts with dirt can reduce the quality of air in your house, allowing the circulation of allergens and other bacteria in the air. In addition, people suffering from asthma and allergies are quickly affected and become sick; this often happens with kids and people above 50 years. This is the main reason that you should clean the air ducts at regular interval of time.

Dirty air ducts can speed up the aging process

You might have felt tired without doing anything and you don’t know why? It is because that you are breathing contaminated air passing through dirty ducts that haven’t clean for months. Apart from causing dangerous health problems, contaminated air also speeds ups aging process.

Dirty air ducts are breeding ground for rodents and insects

Rodents and insects are not only an inconvenience but a serious health threat. Furthermore, these rodents and insects often spread disease, which enters your home and eats your food.

Dirty air ducts cause odors

Mildew and mold present in the air ducts can create a moldy smell in your home. Besides that, it may become less noticeable to you once you have been exposing it to the extended time. It can also be easily noticeable by the guest at your home.

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