Top 6 Tile And Grout Cleaning Myths Debunked

Oct 23, 2021 | Tile & Grout Cleaning

Most homeowners try to maintain tile and grout for themselves with different techniques, soon they find out the cleaning solution they are using is up to no good and the methods they use can do more harm to tiles than usual.

It is the reality that home remedies won’t work properly and spoil the look and shape of tiles. Still, so many people believe in false DIY cleaning methods. Therefore, here we came up with some most believed tile and grout cleaning myths.

Remarkable Tile And Grout Cleaning Myths

Myth 1: Regular Mopping Is Enough For Maintenance

Mopping floors regularly can be really good for some time, but they regularly collect dirt into blind spots or places the naked eye cannot see. Once dirt gets accumulated into crevices, it’s hard to get it out and will start breaking down the grout even more.

Myth 2: Hard Scrub Wire Are Best To Remove Stains

Many people believe scrubbing with a hard wire brush can easily remove stains and dust in between tiles and grout. But in reality, it can harm your tile flooring. Instead, use soft scrub wire for performing normal cleaning for effective results.

Myth 3: Sealing The Tile For No Maintenance

If the tiles are sealed that doesn’t mean you don’t need to worry about maintenance. Area with constant traffic and no regular cleaning will begin to erode slowly and ultimately grout will start breaking from corners. Therefore, regular cleaning is important with periodic resealing every 6 to 8 months to continue seeing results.

Myth 4: Acid Is Safe For Tile And Grout

One of the biggest tile and grout cleaning myths is that people think acids are the best and fastest way to remove dirt and stains. But in fact, these acidic cleaning solutions are simply too strong for normal tiles and grout. They can also damage shiny layers of tiles.

Myth 5: Soapy Water Is The Easy Way To Clean Grout

Soapy water is hard to rinse off and the surfaces will feel sticky for a while post-cleaning. It can build up residue and will end up having cracks in the grout.

Myth 6: Bleach Is Good For Tile Cleaning

Bleach is only good for general cleaning but not ideal for tiles and grout as it weakens the grout and also ruins the shine of the tile surface.

Is It Safe To Use Tile And Grout Cleaner?

Though it’s safe to use tile and grout cleaners for basic cleaning. If you want deep cleaning results without damaging your tile flooring. Then hiring professionals is important.

We at Bio-Clean Carpet Cleaning professional cleaners of Pottstown, PA use the perfect cleaning method with green cleaning solutions to bust out all the debris from your tile flooring. To know some more cleaning hacks for regular house cleaning explore our blog section.

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