Adopting pets brings lots of responsibilities – walk, vet visit and behavior training, to name a few. However, caring for your cat or dog also includes preventing damage to your home and your possession caused by your pet. Our floor bears the bulk of abuse, from scratches from long claws to stains left by accidents.

Tiled floors can really take a beating, so it is vital to protect your grout from etching and stains due to this regular wear and tear. Dog and cats owners need to take two vital steps: have their grout cleaned and sealed by the professionals of the Bio-Clean.

While home repair and pet ownership go hand in hand, grout cleaning should be left to the experts. The professionals of Bio-Clean can bring your tile and grout back to life with our steam cleaning technology. Below are the reasons for why tile & grout cleaning is necessary:

Self-Grout Cleaning Won’t Work

Dog and cat urine can often be left on the floor for many hours if you are not home, the incident happens overnight or you do not notice. If pet urine is not cleaned as soon as it occurs, it can cause a permanent stain on grouts and cause damage.

When the pet accident happens on the floor, it has the pH value around 6. However, as urine dries, this pH rises and can reach 10 or 12 on the scale. When urine dries, it often changes the color of the surface it was deposited on, which is an effect of oxidation and reaction with the surface.

If not treated immediately and left to dry for an extended time, the stain becomes permanent, and the damage becomes irreversible. Do it yourself grout cleaning will not be able to remove stain caused by urine. In to get rid of these deep stains, you need professional grout cleaning from the Bio-Clean.

Etching Damage Requires Tile Regrouting

If grout stains are left for too long, they are more likely to become permanent. What’s worse, stains made by a highly acidic substance such as urine or vomit will leave etching on grout tile. These tiny cracks are not unsightly; they can damage your grout and can lead to long-term crumbling.

Whereas sealing can protect against stains, messes left unattended long enough to become etches cannot be reserved by sealing. In cases of serious etching, pet owners need to get tile regrouting service. If you have noticed etching, cracking or crumbling in your grout, professionals of the Bio-Clean can restore it to brand-new condition.

A quick scrub of tile floors may get rid of visible dirt. Pet accident often provide a breeding ground for bacteria, which can often flourish in grout to homeowners. To combat this danger of spreading bacteria, pet owners need to do regular cleaning.

A professional grout cleaning service will not only improve the visible appearance of tile, but it will also disinfect tile surface and grout to kill all germs and bacteria that may be growing.

If you are looking for Tile & Grout cleaning in Pottstown or nearby areas. You are at the right place. Yes! Bio-Clean Carpet Cleaning can help you out with your tile and grout problems. Our experts will give you the best tips to maintain your tile and grout after tile and grout cleaning. We also provide Carpet cleaning, Upholstery cleaning, Pet odor removal, Mattress cleaning, Tile & Grout cleaning, Rug cleaning.

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