Will A Professional Cleaning Remove Pet Odors?

Aug 25, 2021 | Pet Odor Cleaning

You love your pets. They brighten your day and become your best companion ever. But on the other hand, they make it difficult for you to keep your home clean, safe, hygienic and smelling fresh.

Because, urine accidents do happen, even if your pets are well trained. Your pets urinate on the carpet, causing a foul odor throughout your house. As a result, bacterial growth can infect the entire house, as pet urine dries.

Therefore, it is important to act as soon as possible. In this case, professional odor removal services assist you to eliminate pet odor from your house.

At the same time, as a homeowner, you may think, will a professional cleaning remove pet odors from your carpet? Get your answer in this blog and know the steps for pet urine removal treatment for thorough cleaning of your carpets, rugs, and upholstery.

Steps On How Professional Cleaning Remove Pet Odors From Your Carpet

♦ Inspection

First, professional cleaners examine the condition and locate contaminated areas on your carpet. Pet removal cleaners use specific tools to identify the bacteria-contaminated salt deposits that can’t be seen in the naked eye. They use ultraviolet light to detect small dimes and treat your carpet accordingly.

♦ Determine The Level Of Contamination

After inspecting all the deposits on your carpet, cleaning specialists can determine the severity of contamination. It helps further to establish the cleaning methods of your carpet. At this stage, professional cleaners inspect the backing, pad, tack strip, and floors and analyze the bacteria growth and urine salt on your carpet. Therefore the pet odor removal service cost depends on the severity of contamination.

♦ Choose An Appropriate Cleaning Method

After a thorough examination, they apply cleaning methods according to the fabric of your carpet. Professionals mainly deep clean your carpet with the hot carbonating extraction cleaning process. This process helps to remove liquid and loose crystals of urine on your carpet.

♦ Cleaning Process

Technicians use a steam cleaning method to eliminate the unpleasant smell on your carpet. Steam can easily penetrate your carpet and break down odor-causing elements. Thus, they clean all the contaminated areas with odor destroyers. It reflects how steam cleaning removes odors by giving a healthy and clean atmosphere within your home.

Which Cleaner Neutralizes Pet Urine?

Mainly, vinegar and water are mixed well and can be used as the best cleaner to neutralize pet urine smell. As pet odor causes a bad, unpleasant smell when it dries and leaves germs, bacteria. So, the professionals use hot water extraction and steam cleaning methods with the right equipment to eliminate pet odor from your carpet.

Moreover, deep clean your carpet with pet odor cleaning services from Bio-Clean Carpet Cleaning, Pottstown, PA. Our professionals use a steam cleaning process to remove all the dirt, germs, and give an odor-free environment. With pinpoint accuracy, our technicians conduct the best detection methods with the latest technology.

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